Builder Pattern Example

Summary of Builder Pattern

The Builder pattern is a creational design pattern that separates the construction of a complex object from its representation. This allows for the creation of different representations using the same construction process. The pattern is especially useful when dealing with objects that have many optional or required parameters.



In this example, the Builder pattern is used to create a Pizza and a Burger. The pattern allows for the construction of the Pizza and Burger objects using the same process, while keeping the details of the representation separate.

We have a `FastFoodBuilder` class with empty methods that act as a blueprint for creating new builders. We then have two builders, `PizzaBuilder` and `BurgerBuilder`, that extend `FastFoodBuilder` and implement the methods to create a Pizza and a Burger, respectively. The `FastFoodDirector` class is responsible for constructing the final object using the builder. The director takes a builder as an argument and calls the construction methods in the correct order.